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Week 16: Predictions From The Contributors and TNTitanFan

Week 16: Predictions From The Contributors

Bright spot
Bright spot
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Week 16. We're almost out of our misery. We actually have a guest this week!


With this being the last home game mean something special to the Jags? IDK.
Game time temperature is predicted to be in the 80's which will be quite a change from the Titans last two games. Could this affect our play? Maybe!
The Bills ended the Jags 3 game win streak (wish we could do that) with a 27 to 20 win in Buffalo. In a game they probably should have won, 4 turnovers (two on game tying drives, one in the end zone) sealed the Jags fate. Sound familiar?
The Jags averaged >5 YPC against an improving Bills defense with good play from guard Nwaneri. However, RT Bradfield was beaten several times. RB's Denard and Todman are sharing the load with MJD out. Denard also does the PR/KR duties -> this guy is fast and after last weeks fumble, he will be a bit more careful with protecting that rock. The Bill's offense gained 200 yds rushing against our old buddy Sen'Derrick Marks and Tyson Alualu. The Jags defense is better than, I think ,most people think. Is this the game that CJ and Shonn finally show us what the coaches have envisioned all year? Even with last Sunday's loss to the Cards, the Titans did reveal their nature, 1) they are very capable of moving the chains whilst being only a one dimensional, 2) obviously not quitting, and 3) reducing/keeping the penalties to a minimum. Coming back from 17 points down with just a few clicks over 3 minutes remaining in the game was simply amazing. I believe the Titans are going to make a statement this weekend and get revenge for their earlier loss to the Sparkle Kitties. Whether CJ from afar or Shonn up close, we will score at least 2 rushing TD's; Wright, Hunter, and Walker will combine for 2 aerial TD's, and Rob will get a FG late in the 1st half. The Jags will get 1 TD on our infamous soft cover two (Gray's special ) prevent defense late in the 4th period and an early 1st half FG. As always YMMV, and I wear two-toned blue-tinted glasses.

Titans 31 - Bedazzlers 10


The Titans out-rank the Jags in most statistical categories despite Jacksonville really improving in the last month or so. If they win this game Munch is going to tell us again how they are on the right track. Great...

Titans 30 - Bedazzlers 24


Don't know why, but I am saying W.

Titans 24 - Bedazzlers 21


I just don't know what I want anymore and I have less of an idea what I think. Titans win big just to piss people off. Though they could lose and do the same.

Titans 27 - Bedazzlers 17


Titans win out. More Munchak!

Titans 31 - Bedazzlers 28


The Titans have to win one eventually...right? Oh wait, that was Oakland.

In all seriousness, I hope to see Wright and Hunter tear things up, and maybe watch Casey actually eat Chad Henne alive. I see the Titans jumping out early, only to be outpaced in the second half. They will likely mount some awe-inspiring comeback in the final minutes too, but fall victim to an intercepted pass. Another "Munchak Loss".

Bedazzlers 24 - Titans 20


We win! Titans pull out a victory and cover the spread.

Titans 16 - Bedazzlers 10

Saint Sharona

The Titans travel to Jacksonville to revenge a bad loss at home and to show they are still committed to winning. Fitzpatrick needs to play mistake free and the Titans need to establish a run game early. Keep an eye on the nickelback spot as underrated starter Coty Sensabaugh is out for the remainder of the season. Rookies Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Khalid Wooten are slated to give playing time there. Wooten will also likely play a lot on special teams.

Titans 24 - Bedazzlers 17


Titans lose. After the game, all hell will break loose when it leaks that Williams has been fired. We'll later find out that he was responsible for the post game team sandwiches. He brought the sandwiches, but didn't cut off the crust - a specific request of Coach Parlavecchio's. The good news? 50/53 players receive a Gold Star for a good effort.

Bedazzlers 27 - Titans 11


If we're being realistic here we should beat the mess out of these Jaguars, but we're not being realistic, it's the Titans world and we're just living in it. We're not going to win this one.

Bedazzlers 20 - Titans 14

70% for the good guys.

go titans