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Titans Coaching Carousel: When in Rome, Edition

It's that time again!

Greg Roman
Greg Roman

Another Sunday, Another Titans loss. In what seems to be a very aggravatingly common theme, the Titans were outclassed at the end by a superior team after a furious rally to make up for yet another deficit. Fear not, brave Titans fans, the end is near for one Mike Munchak should this trend continue. It's a shame that he did not recall the intestinal fortitude that defined his playing days for this organization with the game on the line. When a team has all the momentum late from a rally, you seize the initiative and go for two. The failure to trust in his team in such a crucial situation clearly shows the world that he's playing not to lose when he has nothing to lose in a dismal season. So what if you don't convert, it's another loss but it shows the owner (who is looking at your job performance, anyway) that you have the courage to go for it when the chips are down. Anyway, enough pontificating on another doomed Titans loss in a lost season.

The Candidate: Greg Roman, San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator


  • He has actual experience as an NFL OC - Enough said about this qualifier and Munchak's lack of having one on his resume.
  • Ability to adapt to his QB/Offense - Granted, Alex Smith is an underrated mobile QB, he obviously is not on the level of Colin Kaepernick's running ability. Roman has shown that he is able to adapt his system to best suit his quarterback's skill set. Whoever ends up being the starting QB on this team will be in good hands with Roman. The 49ers offense has suffered a number of injuries (Michael Crabtree is the big one) and a general lack of impact players (besides VD and Anquan Boldin) but Roman has kept the machine running efficiently despite the issues for the most part.


  • How much of the offensive success is on Harbaugh? - That question is the only one that I have for Roman. Is it really Harbaugh pulling the strings and Roman being along for the ride ala the Nick Saban/Kirby Smart relationship? Is this another Belichick assistant failing when he leaves the nest type of scenario?


Yes. Please. The key here is that Mr. Ruston Webster has a NFC West background with NFC South roots (made his front office bones with the Bucs) and might like a fellow NFC West man with NFC South ties to lead this team (Roman coached with the Panthers once upon a time). Roman would bring offensive innovation that belongs in the 21st century instead of the latter stages of the previous century (something this team hasn't seen in forever). The work done with Kaepernick and Smith bodes well for whoever the QB is and the offense in general. I would wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Roman as the next Titans head coach.