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MCM Radio: Talking Titans, Jaguars and Fandom

Live tonight at 9:00 CST!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio will go live tonight at 9:00 CST, and we'll be talking about the sinking Titans' match-up against the juggernaut that is the Jacksonville Jaguars... never thought I'd be writing that line heading into week 16.

Never fear, though, we won't go completely emo on you folks. There's still a lot of interesting topics to discuss, even if the playoffs are out of the picture. And hey, with the news that we signed Tyler Wilson, I can feel a good rant about the Titans' treatment of Rusty Smith a-brewin'.

You question for the night is one many an NFL fan has to contemplate this time  of year: Would the Titans be better of if they win these two 'meaningless' games, or drop these last games, get a sky-high draft spot and see what happens? I'm not asking if they should tank the games, I just want to know what you good people think in the abstract?

You can find the show page here, complete with the live feed, chatroom and call-in number. After the live show is done, be sure to download the podcast version of MCM Radio that's available on iTunesBlogTalkRadio or Stitcher. It's the only way to get our bonus time talk, which is usually where the gloves come off.