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Tennessee Titans News Links: Maybe the Best Article Ever

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!!!

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Thanks to Oilertitan for this link, as it is truly stupendous. It quantifies how terrible each announcing crew is, quotes included. Please read, enjoy, bookmark it, read again, laugh again, cry a little bit that these guys get paid to do this for a living, and then celebrate that Dan Dierdorf is retiring.

Munch has to deliver in these last two games for there to be a prayer for his job security. This is ridiculous because he should be judged over the body of work the past 3 years, not just 2 weeks.

Skelton was waived as Tyler Wilson was signed to a 3 year deal. That seems like a really long time for a guy signed from a practice squad.

In the latest Ask Mike, George Wilson comes up, and Mike has high praise for the veteran safety.

Paul Kuharsky thinks the Titans should be thinking this. I think the same thing.

Quote of the Day: "BenJarvus Green-Ellis is just a solid, good running back," as a graphic flashes showing he's averaging 2.7 yards per carry this season. -Dan Dierdorf