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Tennessee Titans Silver Linings

The Titans are doing their best at making me work out my optimism lobe in the brain. So here's the some cheery thoughts on the latest Titans loss for those that look at the glass as having any liquid in it at all.

Wesley Hitt

For those that want to re-boot.

The Titans lost, and that's a good thing for some of you.  This game just puts another nail in the Mike Munhcak coffin and another chalk mark in the negative column.  If you want a whole new staff, an overtime win was the last thing you wanted

The Titans draft postion is rising.  The Titans have now made their way up to the 9th or 10th spot for draft pick next year which could help them get a marquee player.  Two of the biggest needs right now are DE and MLB, and the Titans are now currently sitting in the sweet spot for those type players.

For those that can't stand for their team to lose no matter what.

What a heartbreaker.  But I have to say that was an amazing comeback to watch.  The Titans finally put together an amazing comeback that I've watched so many other teams do and have often wondered why we never could.  17 points in 3:02 was amazing to watch and one of the most exciting times I've had at LP Field even though there was no one there.

This team is still playing with heart and passion, something that speaks volumes to the character of the players on the team as well as the coaching staffs ability to get the team to buy in week in and week out.  The Titans have shown themselves to be a losing team you can be proud of.  Kinda/sorta.

Kendall Wright - When the Titans drafted Kendall Wright in the first round of 2012, it raised a lot of eyebrows.  He wasn't rated that high on many pundits boards combined with the fact that it wasn't a top position of need for the Titans at the time.  Well you've got to be glad they did it now.  Wright had 12 catches for 150 yards and has been a highlight reel of big plays all season long.  He is an absolute stud at the position and is a foundation block moving forward regardless of who the coach is.

Jurrell Casey - The Kendall Wright of the defense.  Casey has been a dominate defensive tackle in the middle of an average line for the Titans all year long.  He constantly disrupts the pocket from the middle and takes on double teams repeatedly.  He had another monster game for the Titans on Sunday, leading the team in tackles with 9.  2 were for a loss as he racked up 2 QB hits and 1.5 sacks as well.  A disruptive force like Casey can go a long way in building a defensive front moving forward.

- Kenny Britt kind of looked like he had his head back in the game until he beat up the ball in the endzone.

- Preston played great at the receiver position on such short notice aside from the final plays mis-communication. (Not sure who's to blame on that one.)

- The Titans have learned their lesson and moved on from the atrocious spinning attempts on their onside kicks.  Guess what?  It actually worked!  In fact it almost worked both times.  Good job guys.