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Jurrell Casey should be a Pro Bowl starter

Jurrell Casey isn't getting the credit he deserves nationally because he plays for a bad Titans team. We should be doing our best to help that come to an end.

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Grant Halverson

Jurrell Casey is one of the best defensive tackles in the league.  Think I am just being a fan boy?  Read this from Pro Football Focus:

Casey’s 11 sacks on the season lead all defensive tackles and he’s currently our No. 3 rated pass rusher at the position at +28.4.

That sentence came at the end of a long paragraph about just how good Casey has been this season.

Casey is a better, less-lazy version of Albert Haynesworth. Better than Albert??? That's crazy talk.

Is it? Haynesworth never had more than 8.5 sacks in a season. Casey has 11 already this season, and he doesn't lay on the field every other play like Fat Albert always did. Casey has also never stomped on an opposing player or been clocked doing 115 on the interstate.

All of the national guys that watch film rave about Casey. The problem is those guys aren't the majority of Pro Bowl voters. The average Pro Bowl voter watches his/her team and SportsCenter. That person doesn't know Casey, but you can help change that.

Go here and vote Casey early and often.  Get after it on social media. Tell your friends/followers to go vote for Casey because it is the right thing to do.  Mention @TitansMCM in anything you put out there and I will RT it.  Use the hashtag #casey4probowl to help spread the word.  Let's make this happen.