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Tennessee Titans: Justin Hunter and Damian Williams Benched

The Titans were without their 3rd and 4th receiver options on Sunday as they took on the Arizona Cardinals.

Wesley Hitt

Justin Hunter and Damian Williams were made inactive before the Titans home game on Sunday for violating team rules.

Mike Munchak's handling of this team throughout the year has been called into question by some and been downright viewed as disgraceful by others. But this was the right move (assuming it was deserved).

Paul Kuharsky attempted to pry into the details with Damian Wiliams after the game, but Williams wouldn't comment on the details. His response also speaks volumes to the respect and command Mike Munchak still has over this team.

Kuharsky tries to raise an eyebrow by some by saying "He left open the idea that things we're so cut and dried, however", which is stretching to say the least.

Mike Munchak is coaching for his job. If there was any reasonable way to let the receivers play without undermining the culture of the team and the rules set in place, he would have done so. Going into such a big game after all the comments from the teams new figure head in Tommy Smith, Munchak still did what was "right".

Mike Munchak stoically marched to the chopping block with Kenny Britt and Michael Preston as his chances of salvation.

This is why the team hasn't given up on him. This is why the players haven't thrown him or anyone else under the bus.

Mike Munchak is a sitting duck and everyone knows it. But this team still buys in every week. The way he has the team speaking in unison and not throwing each other or the staff under the bus is a credit to his control. What he's done with that control is questionable, but the fact that it's there is not.