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Tennessee Titans News Links: Not Enough

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

Wesley Hitt

If there are any good links from the Tennessean today, please post in the comments, as the website wasn't coming up for me.

The near win was nice, and the effort was there, but it's still a loss. It counts the same on the record as a 100-0 annihilation would have, which just sucks.

PK talks about the decision not to go for 2 at the end of regulation. Personally I didn't have a problem with not going for it. The game wasn't won or lost in that moment.

Between the two replacement receivers, Preston and Britt, they only had about 10 snaps of practice this week.

Tommy Smith said that he is in the winning business. Good. Prove it by firing Munchak ASAP.

PK talks about Smith saying the Munchak "lame duck" status would be an issue if he was kept next year. So if he's retained, expect a 10000 year extension with the team.

The PK rapid reaction from yesterday. Something I came away with was that whoever the QB is next year is gonna have a loaded receiving core with Kendall, Hunter, Washington, Dwill, and Preston. Thats an insane group, and very underrated. Add in Walker and if we draft someone like Ebron or Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, and that may be the best group in the NFL. This offense could be so good, the oline needs to be coached up, as it's been fairly brutal, but the talent is there all across the board.

Post game quotes form yesterday's game.

Close but no cigar is the story for the year and yesterday's game.