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Who the Tennessee Titans want to win week 15

With the Titans out of the playoffs, which teams wins help the Titans draft status.

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Whether you like it or not, the Titans are out of the playoffs and every win from here on out only increases the chances that the Titans keep Munchak and settle for another year of mediocrity. With that in mind, these are the teams that could move above the Titans with a win this week.

*Note: I don't know how the tiebreakers work out, I just know the records that would be produced with a win.

Drafting after the Titans with a win

New York Giants over the Seattle Seahawks

The Giants are a bad team at home and Seattle is clearly the better team, however the Giants are a team that always shocks at the end of their season. If the Giants can get a pass rush, and Eli(te) can pull off some late season magic then the Titans would edge them in the draft.

Pittsburgh Steelers over the Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers have cooled off after a hot streak in the middle of the season. The Steelers have a solid foundation, an above average defense, and always elevate themselves in divisional play so if they are going to steal one this is a great time. This win would put the Steelers at six wins, and would reignite that team as they close out the season.

St. Louis Rams over the New Orleans Saints

The Rams have pulled off a bigger upset over the Saints in the past, so this isn't impossible by any means. The Rams defense is already fast and explosive, but now they get a chance to play in a dome with turf. If the Rams can duplicate the blueprint of pressure and suffocating coverage that the Seahawks used to crush the Saints, then this could get ugly quick.

Teams that would be subject to tiebreakers

Oakland Raiders over Kansas City Chiefs

Ok, so this one is probably the longest shot of the day. The Raiders are a competitive team and will likely keep it close for a half, but the Chiefs are just the more talented team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a tough team, but these Schiano is a college-style coach that might be able to rally the troops to play this one out. The Bucs are a hot team lately, and a win over a struggling 49ers team coming off an emotional win could be the signature win that gets Schiano off the hot seat.

Cleveland Browns over Chicago Bears

The Browns are a great defensive team with possibly the hottest receiver in the NFL right now. If the Bears offense struggles adjusting back to Jay Cutler then the Browns could make a statement here.

Game that doesn't matter

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

Both teams are 4-9, and either their will be another five win team.

Projected draft pick with those scenarios: 5-8