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Tennessee Titans vs Arizona Cardinals: Breakout player, offense

Which player needs to have a breakout day on offense?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans need a spark on offense to compete with a staunch Arizona defense, but there is one big hole in their defense. That is that the Cardinals couldn't stop a tight end with Tyrann Mathieu healthy, and now that he is down there is a big question mark on who can defend Delanie Walker.

Kendall Wright is drawing double coverage from the linebackers and some defensive back, and with Patrick Peterson covering Hunter for most of the day, it looks like the mismatch will either be with the third receiver or with Delanie Walker. Walker has been the Titans best free agent pick up this year, and the Titans offense has lost their way.

Despite being in a rhythm using empty sets, the Titans offense has gotten stale because with Wright covered up underneath Fitzpatrick doesn't have a consistent number two he can trust. With Delanie Walker back in the line up, there should be an interesting new wrinkle or two to keep the dump off across the middle from getting covered all day.

Watch for some crossing routes early, to set the defense up for a jerk route for a big gain when the Titans need it. Walker should be in for a huge day (thing 8 receptions for 125 yards and a TD) if the Titans don't make any stupid decisions (like forcing the ball to Hunter if he is well covered).