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Week 15: Predictions From The Contributors

Week 15: Predictions From The Contributors

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Canadan (12-1)

The Titans and Cards have fairly similar offensive statistics but defensively Arizona really shines. Ray Horton had an impressive season in charge of that defense last year and Todd Bowles seems to have made a few tweaks and elevated them even further. Normally in a close contest like this I’d go for the home team donning light blue uniforms but I have no faith in the Titans right now.

Cardinals 27 - Titans 17

Big Tuna (10-3)

I have no idea what will actually happen in this game.

Cardinals 24 - Titans 17

Gunnels (10-5)

Can the Titans win this game? Yes. Will they? Probably not. But probability doesn't mean squat to me. Titans win.

Titans 23 - Cardinals 17

G (9-4)

Like the boss, I have no idea what is going to happen in this game. I have no idea what the Titans will do and Sharona mentions guys in her prediction that I couldn't even tell you what position they play for the Cardinals. Who knows.

Cardinals 27 - Titans 17

Xanpham (8-4)

With the stacked Cardinal defensive line bearing down on Fitz, I can see an ill-advised throw or three. That said, I think the Titans put together a decent performance, only to fall behind late and unable to adjust in time to make a difference in the score-line.

Cardinals 20 - Titans 16

Sharona (6-3)

The Arizona Cardinals are goigng to be a test for both the offense and defense for the Titans. Carson Palmer is playing some really good football right now and both Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald are benefiting from it. It will be fun to watch the Titans excellent secondary matchup up against the Cardinals offense. Will Rob Housler play? That remains a big question. The Titans will have Delanie Walker back in the lineup which should help the offense against a very good and talented Cardinals defense. The loss of Tyrann Mathieu will be felt by them and the Titans should look to take advantage of some mismatches. Rookie wideout Justin Hunter is really coming on lately. Can he make a difference against a very physical defense? Arizona's front 7 is one of the best in the league. How will the Titans run game respond? This should be a fun one.

Titans 28 - Cardinals 24

Somehow Sharona and Gunnels still have faith.

The poll got it right last week, so you guyses are 4-8.

go titans