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John Abraham: The one that got away

The Tennessee Titans pursued John Abraham when he was a free agent this offseason. The reason the Titans did not sign Abraham, reportedly, is because they couldn't agree on playing time.

Chris Graythen

John Abraham has 11 sacks this season.  11.  To make that number a little more impressive, he didn't record his first sack of the season until week 6- so he has recorded 11 sacks in 6 games.  It sure would be nice to have that guy on the other side this Sunday.

It is hard to know exactly where the breakdown was between the Titans and Abraham, but what I cannot understand is why the Titans weren't willing to meet his demands.  They have struggled to get pressure on the quarterback for the past 3 years.  One thing that Abraham has been able to consistently do in his career is get pressure on the quarterback.  That seems like a match made in heaven, but what do I know?

But alas, Abraham didn't sign with the Titans. Here's to hoping he doesn't wreak any havoc on Sunday.