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Tennessee Titans News Links: He Needs More Time

Your daily serving of Titans' news linkage!

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Don't worry everyone, all Munchak needs is a little more time. So we should keep him and let him have at it again next year. (Tommy Smith, if you are reading, that was a lot of sarcasm. Fire him now.)

Titans are 6th in the NFL in 3rd down conversions, which is impressive. However, that's not seeming to make a difference as our offense is still 21st in the league.

Cardinals defense is really really good. It will be interesting to see how we do against them.

Munch's press conference from Dec 11th.

Carson Palmer said our roster is full of good players. I would agree. Amazing how we don't get results.

Just a thought, but Karlos Dansby has been awesome this year. He's a free agent this upcoming offseason, I think he'd be great to sign and put in as a stop gap (1-2 year deal) until we get that MLB of the future. That way in the draft we can pay more attention to QB and DE.

Munch defends himself. PK discusses.

Quote of the Day: "The ocean is a mighty harmonist." -William Wordsworth