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MCM Radio: Mike Keith Returns as the Titans Prepare for Arizona

Live tonight at 9:00 Central!

Justin Edmonds

That's right folks, the Voice of the Titans is coming back to MCM Radio! Mike Keith will join us about a half-hour into tonight's show to give his insight on what's going on at STSP, and what's next for the Titans franchise. When Mike comes on the show it's an absolute must-listen. You'll want to be there for the live stream, which starts at 9:00 Central.

You can get the live stream, including the chat room, by clicking here. If you can't make it for the live broadcast, the full show (including exclusive bonus time content) as a podcast via iTunes, Stitcher or our show page at BTR. Each of those sites also host our entire archive, if you want to find an episode you missed.