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Should Titans fans want Jay Cutler?

There's a lot of talk about Jay Cutler possibly being a Titan next year. Is that something fans should want?

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Let's take a look at Cutler's career stats courtesy of



Cutler spent his first three seasons with the Denver Broncos, going a perfectly mediocre 24-24 in the win/loss column before making his way to the Chicago Bears where he was heralded as the savior that could finally push the team over the top.

Chicago was figured to have all the pieces but the quarterback, more so than the Titans currently sit. After their Rex Grossman led Superbowl run, Rex returned to mediocrity, followed by more of the same in Kyle Orton. The Bears had an unbelievable defense and good players on offense and were the epitome of the team that's only "a quarterback away", which is where Cutler entered the picture.

Since Cutler's arrival they've finished 3rd in their division each year except for the one playoff push in 2010.

Cutler's best passer rating has never broken 90, and has a career 84.4 average. This places him firmly in the middle of the pack a far as the NFL is concerned year to year.

Jay Cutler has often been referred to as the "gunslinger" type of quarterback in the mold f Brett Favre. Perhaps too much a believer in his own abilities and not afraid to force the ball downfield in tight coverage. This has resulted in a lot of big downfield plays, along with a high number of interceptions as well.

Another knock on Cuter is the amount of sacks he takes. He has ended up 7th, 1st, and 5th in the league since joining the Bears in 2009 not counting 2011 where he only played 10 games.


The main reason the Titans are even in the discussion for a quarterback is due to Jake Locker's inability to stay healthy for a season to this point. Recently, Cutler hasn't been the model of health either.

He missed the one playoff push he took the Bears to with a knee injury in 2010.

He led the same Bears team to a 7-3 start in 2011 before going down to a bicep injury and missing the rest of the season where they only won 1 more game falling to 3rd in the division.

In 2012 he missed two games in the middle of the season after a neck injury and MCL sprain, though he did return to finish the season.

Now in 2013, he has missed 2 games to a groin injury and 4 since then due to an ankle injury .

Even if you firmly believe in Cutler's abilities as a quarterback, it's hard to overlook his recent injury history. He's not considered a mobile quarterback and takes a lot of hits while waiting for things to develop down field. If you want a proven quarterback that you know will be in the lineup, you may need to keep looking.


Cutler would be returning to his college town if he came to Nashville, and many would be excited to have a hometown big name leading the Titans every Sunday. Cutler is not a bad quarterback by any means and is above average in my view, but by no means an elite quarterback.

Not unlike Chris Johnson, he has a boom or bust playing style that is often dependent on Brandon Marshall and his big play ability down the field. He can make all the big throws but can hurt you just as big as well.

You can argue whether or not the Titans are just "a quarterback away", but Cutler has shown who he is at this point in the league. Jake Locker is still developing, but what the Titans saw in him the first part of the season shows a higher ceiling with better game management than what you will get out of Cutler.