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On Mike Munchak not being worried about job security

Mike Munchak said yesterday that he isn't worried about his job security. What else is he going to say?

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Justin Edmonds

Jim Wyatt wrote today about Mike Munchak saying yesterday that he isn't worried about job security. Here is the quote from Wyatt's story:

"We have three games to go. We have a lot of football to play, so that is not a concern right now," Munchak said about his coaching fate. "Once we play our last game, we’ll have an opportunity to speak on how we go forward as a football team like I did last year and the year before that. I’ve had the same discussion when the season ends and I’m assuming I’ll have that same discussion when the season ends.

All of your national media outlets, NFL Network, PFT, CBS, etc. have written stories about this today.

To me, this like most of the stuff from Sunday is much ado about nothing. Of course Mike Munchak isn't sitting around all day worrying about the future. He knows that the best way to keep his job is to win football games, so he is investing all of his energy into trying to come up with a way to win these last 3 games. His future will depend on how successful he is in doing that.