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2013 Titans FA Review: Week 14

How did the 2013 FA additions to the roster fare in Denver this past weekend?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick (13/24, 172 yards, 1TD, 1INT)

Fitzpatrick was inaccurate for most of the day, mixed in with a couple of deep beauties to Hunter. Had he been more on point with the short passes, the defense might have been able to catch a breather. Overall not a good performance from Fitz...but what did you expect? It is obvious to me that he misses Delanie Walker, who looks good to return next week.

Greene (9 carries, 46 yards, 2TDs)

The ex-Jet showed up in a big way, running effectively between the tackles and cutting off blocks as designed. He flashed good vision and grit to gain yards after contact, and was rewarded with an extremely well blocked run that saw him shot out a cannon toward the endzone. Overall, a good day for the running back.

Pitoitua (2 tackles)

While he has played at a high level all year, this was a down game for Pitoitua. He failed to get past his man to disrupt Peyton Manning, and that hurt the defense in a big way. While I can also get on Hill and Johnson's case for this as well, that kind of pressure needs to be there to throw off the passing game. Long story short, Peyton's jersey was clean at the end of the game.

Delanie Walker (INACTIVE)

Pollard (7 tackles)

Levitre (had a very up-and-down game)

Wilson (3 tackles, 1 assist)

Johnson (2 tackles)

Hill (3 tackles)

Battle (1 monster pancake block)

Vistanthe Shiancoe (2 catches, 2 yards)

Turner (IR)