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The NFL Media and the Tennessee Titans

As fans of a small market team, Titans' fans are prone to complaining about their lack of media coverage and/or the attention to detail when they actually get some. The "news" from Sunday morning makes me think this is a good thing.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network along with Mike Silver announced breaking news on Sunday morning along many fronts concerning the Titans. Let's take a look at the reports.

1) Mike Munchak is coaching for his job.

Wow. What news. After barely hanging on to his job following a 6-10 season, investing $100M into free agency and sitting at 5-8 with a new owner, you would think that Munchak would be sitting pretty, right? I have no doubt that Silver or Ian talked to those in and around the organization that confirmed Munchak is on the hot seat, but the real news would have been if he wasn't.

2) Chris Johnson expected to be cut after this year.

Really? Again, not a stretch by any means. And again, this would only be news if the opposite was reported. CJ's contract is huge and cumbersome in relation to his production. You can debate all you want whether or not CJ2K's recent lack of production is his fault, the offensive line's, or the coordinator's, but either way, it's still not there. Why carry the note on a Ferrari if you can't drive it regardless of the reasons?

3) The Titans aren't picking up Jake Locker's 5th year option.

Why would they? I am a big supporter of Jake Locker and truly think he has shown he can be a Super Bowl caliber quarterback in this league. That being said it would be insane to think the Titans would pick up Locker's option giving his injury history. No matter how good he is or could be, you can't guarantee a build around a guy that isn't on the field.

Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't lived up to his billing as a back up and has only been able to reel in a single win for the Titans. You would expect a little more form the 9 year pro. Yes the Titans will be in the market for a QB. They have had 3 quarterbacks in 3 years and are a mediocre team at best. For the 3rd time, the real news would be if the organization was actually going to pick up the option in May.

4) Jay Cutler could be on the Titans radar.

This one is actually news worthy. The Titans have a good young nucleus of talent on their roster and a much improved defense. Many may feel they are just a quarterback away. Jay Cutler is one of the very few "franchise quarterbacks" that may actually hit the open market. The Titans front office has obviously reached out to Cutler to see if he would be interested in returning to Nashville. It's not unusual for agents to talk with general managers as the season nears it's end.

The knowledge that they have actually made contact with Cutler is notable, but at the same time means little at this point. First the Bears have to part ways with him. Secondly, the Titans have to pony up the dough he would want.

While all of this news is exaggerated as being something that many following the team couldn't have deduced on their own, it's true that reporters on this level are granted access and tidbits of information when they choose to pry into an organization.

What's amazing to me is that only 1 of the 4 pieces of "news" reported are actually news worthy, yet Titans fans drank it all up and asked for more. Is this a result of never being talked about? Is it a result of being the fan of a nationally irrelevant team? Or do the fans of the mainstream teams constantly ride the roller coaster of reports about nothing?

Until the Titans start winning and winning consistently, we may never know.