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Who the Tennessee Titans want to win (draft)

Which wins help the Titans draft status the most?

Kevin C. Cox

With the loss in Indianapolis and the Titans falling to 5-7, there may be some glass-half-full fans out there (and hey more power to you) but for those of you who are ready to look ahead to the future, here are a list of teams that the Titans want to win to to help their draft position.

St. Louis

The Rams are currently sitting at five wins, but if they don't beat the 49ers today then they may only win one more game all year. St. Louis already has a high pick from the trade with Washington, and giving them two top 10 picks could land them an elite quarterback/wide receiver tandem.


The Titans do not want the Texans AND the Jaguars having picks in the top two, so with a win over Cleveland the Jaguars could move themselves down to the three to six range. Jacksonville needs a quarterback badly, but also have shaky talent at DE. They could be big players for Clowney or Barr if they keep winning.


The Skins play the Giants in an NFC East battle, but Titans fans should be leaning for Washington to get the "W" here. The Giants have an easy schedule and are historically strong finishers. If they stay true to their ways, the Giants will be able to bounce back and finish with a six or seven win season and move themselves out of the Titans way.