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Who the Tennessee Titans want to win (playoffs)

Who did the Titans want to win today for playoff purposes?

Chris Trotman

I know that it is a long-shot that the Titans will get into the playoffs now, but with the Cardinals losing today and the Broncos looking like a much more beatable team in the cold, it is good to know who to root for. With that in mind, if the Titans are going to get to the playoffs, then they need a few teams to bomb from here on out. These are the teams that the Titans should be cheering for today.


The Titans really need the Bengals to stay true to their record and knock down the surging San Diego Chargers. Phillip Rivers and company have started hitting a stride lately, and a big day from a grinding Bengals defense could stop the momentum of the Chargers.


The Bills have the easiest schedule going forward, but with only four wins they would need to win most (if not all) of their last games to squeak into the playoffs. This could definitely be a trap game fr the Bills who haven't exactly been the most trustworthy team this year in close games.


This is a bittersweet game for the Titans. On one hand, the winner of this game will move to 6-6 and have a good chance at the playoffs. On the other hand, the Dolphins have a much harder schedule ahead of them than the Jets do, so moving to 5-7 could kill their playoff chances.