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Titans vs Colts players to watch: Defense

Who needs to make a play today?

Scott Cunningham

In their last matchup with the Indianapolis Colts, the Tennessee Titans showed that they will need defense to compete with the Colts. If the Titans can't keep the Colts under 30, then it will be a tough contest. So, who should the Titans lean on?

Ropati Pitoitua

RoPo has been great this year. In the running game he is one of the few Titans that have constantly played sound football in the ups and the downs. As a rusher, he leaves something to be desired with a lack of speed but his effort and ability to get in throwing lanes has made him much more impressive than anticipated.

If the Titans are going to win this, a big day from RoPo would be a great first step.

Alterraun Verner

The outstanding corner has made plays all year when it mattered, and the Titans will need to lean on him this week if they plan to bring more pressure on Andrew Luck. This game could very well come down to how well Verner covers Hilton on third down plays.

George Wilson

Many cried for Wilson to start this year instead of the inconsistent Michael Griffin and today they finally get their wish. With Griffin suspended, Wilson will get the nod at FS and will be asked to keep the top on the defense and limit the big play. If he can continue the high level of play that he has shown in bursts this year, the Titans may opt to let him start next year instead of looking towards the draft or free agency for a new SS.