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Titans vs Colts players to watch: offense

Which players need to make an impact for the Titans offense?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans will need a great day on offense to deal with the struggling Colts. Which players need to make the biggest impact if the Titans are going to out score the Colts.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Over the last two games Ryan Fitzpatrick has a 5:0 touchdown to interception ratio, and if the Titans are going to win today he will need to have a clean sheet performance. With emerging receivers like Kendall Wright an Justin Hunter the strain on Fitzpatrick shouldn't be too much, but he will have to resist his instincts to try to stretch the field with deep passes.

If Ryan Fitzpatrick can do that the Titans should have no problem moving their offense against a subpar Colts defense.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson had a big 80+ yard half against the Colts the last time they played, but he fizzled out in the second half in the loss to the Colts. If he wants the Titans to keep going to him throughout the game he will need to prove that he can run for short yard gains on a consistent basis instead of occasionally just breaking big plays.

Chris Johnson will have a slight edge considering how well he has played indoors in the past and if he can get the running game going it would do a lot to help the Titans chances.

Nate Washington

With Justin Hunter emerging as an every down threat and Kendall Wright forcing extra attention Nate Washington could easily end up matched up against the Colts third-best defensive back. If that happens the smart play would be to get him involved early to loosen up coverage against the Titans best playmakers.

Washington has been relatively quiet during the Fitzpatrick era, but for most of the season he was a reliable target for Jake Locker. If Washington can break out today that would give the Titans a four-headed passing attack which would make a big difference in an offense primarily focused on one or two targets.