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The Tennessee Titans need to be more aggressive against the Colts.

Soft zones and four-man rushes won't work this week.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are not unbeatable, and the Titans can make a big statement with a win Sunday. To do so, they will have to quit the "try-not-to-lose" mentality and stay aggressive for 60 minutes.

Two of the past three weeks, the Colts have lost to aggressive defensive teams by a combined total of 78-19. The Titans have all the pieces to be an aggressive defense, but in recent weeks they have taken their foot off the gas pedal. Last week was an all-time low sacking the quarterback zero times and really not affecting him all day.

So where do the Titans need to adjust?

Blitz Akeem Ayers all day

Akeem Ayers has had a disappointing season, but he still has a few tricks in his bag. If I were in the Titans defensive coaches' meeting room, I would tell them to blitz him on every down. Stack the defensive line across with RDE Derrick Morgan, DTs Casey and Mookie Johnson, LDE Ropati Pitoitua, and Akeem Ayers as an overhang linebacker to wherever the strength of the line is. Bringing five every time, that should limit the ability of Donald Brown to find creases in the defense and it should also muddy the pocket for Andrew Luck.

Force the Colts to single-cover Jurrell Casey

Teams have double-teamed Casey all year long, and the Titans have to figure out how to exploit that. The Titans have two really interesting things they can do. Firstly, the Titans could line Casey up as a true nose tackle and surround him with Mike Martin and Sammie Lee Hill on either side as three-techniques. This would force the Colts to single-block Casey, and this would likely keep the running lanes stuffed in the middle, limiting backs like Donald Brown.

If the Titans don't want that many big bodies on the field, then they could stunt Moise Fokou up the middle to keep the center occupied. Engaging all the offensive lineman should prevent any interior double teams from hanging Casey up.

This new found freedom should enable Casey to make big plays as a pass rusher, and enable him to sure up the Titans running defense.

Trust the corners

The Titans had great success blitzing from a variety of spots early in the year, but lately they haven't added any new wrinkles. Tennessee's stale blitzes aren't surprising anyone from the offensive line to the audience, and if the offensive line knows where the blitz is coming then you won't have any success. If the Titans want to put up a good defensive performance, then they need to be aggressive with their blitzes and trust that their man coverage will hold up on the back end.

Tennessee has two of the best corners in football, and it would be a shame to waste that talent playing in soft zone coverage while giving the QB all day to pick his spots.