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More effective Titans back: CJ2K or Shonn Greene

Which back gives the Titans the best chance to win games going forward.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There will never be a better time to ask this question than right now: Would you rather the Titans split carries between CJ & Greene 50/50 or just use Greene as a situational back?

Benefits of option A:

Lets face it, when Shonn Greene has been on the field, the Titans have been the team they want to be. They have been able to pound the ball between the tackles, and on 3rd and 3 they know they can hand it to Greene and run it right between either guard/center.

This option also gives Chris Johnson true competition for playing time, and he should be constantly fresh. In the fourth quarter, when defenses have taken a beating, CJ can cut across the field and gash them with his speed.

Benefits of option B:

Chris Johnson looks like he is finally back to being CJ2K, breaking arm tackles and bursting up the sidelines. Is now really the time to take carries away from him? Giving Shonn Greene a clear, defined role in the offense will limit the playbook, but theoretically should help his execution.

This option really comes down to one question: Do you think Chris Johnson is a volume back? If you agree with the idea that the more often he gets the ball, the more likely he is to break a long run, then this is how you have to vote. Leave the first 80 yards for Johnson and then in the redzone or thirds downs switch to Shonn Greene.

Let your voice be heard:

Ok, now that you have the two options which way do you lean. Vote and comment below with your arguments.