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Don't worry if David Stewart doesn't play, for now.

The Titans right tackle has missed more than his share of practices this year, but now he is missing games. Should the Titans be worried?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It is no secret how much the Titans have invested in their overhauled offensive line. This offseason alone they signed LG Andy Levitre to a lofty contract, drafted Chance Warmack with the 10th overall pick, and also added Brian Schwenke later in round four of the draft. However, something that does get lost is the amount of money and resources that the Titans are putting into offensive tackles Michael Roos and David Stewart.

Roos has been holding up his end of the bargain exceptionally well. Year after year the veteran left tackle shows his proficiency at dealing with elite pass rushers despite being in the second half of his career. Personally I think that the Titans should try to extend Roos right now (if they can) below market price so that Jake Locker is protected in the pocket long-term.

David Stuart on the other hand, needs to have a monster second-half of the season if he isn't expecting to take a pay cut. Despite missing almost every practice this year, Stuart has looked above average in games this year. When he has played he has been good at sealing the edge for outside runs and pounding open running lanes in short down and distances. As long as he can play there is no reason why the team shouldn't keep him on in the future, however that future was put in doubt when he missed last week's game against the Rams.

If Stuart can't stay healthy, then the Titans may be wise to find a cheaper alternative in free agency or the draft. Next year, Stuart would be the Titans sixth biggest cap hit, accounting for nearly double the number that players like Derrick Morgan, Delanie Walker, Shonn Greene, and Jake Locker will.

The Titans might have issues paying their current players if they keep on Stewart, but if they let him go they may be able to find a suitable replacement without needing to cut someone else on the roster.

So for all the David Stewart talk, don't worry too much about this week's game versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, worry about the tough offseason decision that the Titans front office will have to make once the season is over.