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NFL week 10 picks: Keep your mortgage payment

Here are my picks for week 10.

Michael Thomas

I decided against a bet your mortgage pick this week because I am 0-2 on those for the year. The pick that I have the most confidence in this week is the 49ers. That obviously means that it won't happen.

(No Thursday night pick because I didn't get the post done in time.)

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh -3

St. Louis +10 @ Indianapolis

Jacksonville @ Tennessee -13

Detroit pick 'em @ Chicago

Philadelphia +1 @ Green Bay

Seattle @ Atlanta +5.5

Cincinnati -1 @ Baltimore

Oakland @ NY Giants -7.5

Carolina @ San Francisco -6

Houston @ Arizona -2.5

Denver -7 @ San Diego

Dallas @ New Orleans -7

Miami -3 @ Tampa Bay

As always, tell me where I am wrong in the comments.

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