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The Titans dominate the Rams: In pictures

The Tennessee Titans offensive line was nothing short of dominant in the run game on Sunday. Don't believe me? Check these photos from the all-22.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first play of the game. The Titans came out and established control of the line of scrimmage early.


That hole gave Chris Johnson confidence that there were going to be holes- and boy was this a hole.

Here the screen(!) play to Shonn Grenne:


The Titans finally have a screen game. That opens up so many other things for the offense.

Here is CJ's first TD run:


Like the parting of the Red Sea. CJ also finished that run by running over a couple of defensive backs to get into the end zone. Johnson runs well when he is confident, and he is confident when the line opens holes for him. The circle of life...

Here is a Greene run from the 3rd quarter. Everyone on the first level is blocked up:


Here is CJ's 2nd TD:

Again, blocked perfectly and Johnson is able to run away from the unblocked DB.

This is how you ice a game:


It was good to see the line finally come together in the run game. Now if they can just sure up the pass blocking....

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