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NFL week 10 power rankings: Where should the Titans rank?

The Tennessee Titans knocked off the St. Louis Rams in week 9 to improve to 4-4. Where should they rank in this week's power rankings?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I had the Titans 16th in my power rankings last week. That puts them right there in the middle of the pack, which in my opinion is the toughest part of the power rankings. There are just so many teams bunched together there that seem like they could beat each other on any given week.

My guess is that most people will have the Titans around 15 this week, and that seems about right. I will probably have them a little bit higher than that.

Be sure and check back for my rankings at 9 central. Between now and then, vote in the poll for where you think the Titans should be ranked.

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