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Titans 28 Rams 21: That's how they drew it up

The Titans had a clear plan with their offseason acquisitions. That plan finally came to fruition yesterday in St. Louis.

Dilip Vishwanat

We heard all offseason about this team wanting to get back to controlling the line of scrimmage on offense.  They spent a lot of resources on making the run game better.  We got a little bit of a preview of how they wanted to play in Pittsburgh, but we haven't seen much of it since- until yesterday.

Chris Johnson carried the ball 23 times for 150 yards.  Shonn Greene carried the ball 9 times for 38 yards.  Jake Locker carried 3 times for 10 yards.  All three guys scored at least once, CJ twice, and the Titans got a much needed win on the road.

That is how this group wants to win football games.  They hadn't been very successful with that plan until yesterday.  We should see that a lot more as the defenses they face from here on out are not nearly as good as the ones they faced before the buy.

That is good news because as CJ said earlier this week, this team needs to run to make the playoffs.  1-1 so far....

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