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Experience vs Speed: How will Titans handle Rams DEs?

The Titans have great experience on the edge, but is the youth and talent of the Rams going to be too much for them?

Wesley Hitt

One of the big questions that the Titans will have to face this offseason is: when should we look at upgrading the OT position. Both Michael Roos and David Stewart have gone from young stars to aging veterans in Tennessee, and even though the fan base loves their bookend OTs it might be time to consider finding their future replacements.

If the Titans do contemplate that decision this offseason, then there may not be a more important game than this one against the Rams. The Rams have the best defensive end tandem in the league with Chris Long and Robert Quinn, both of who use a unique blend of speed and power to get to the quarterback.

With the stage set, it is time to figure out what a "win" would look like for both tackles.

Michael Roos

Roos is a great pass blocker year after year, but where he struggles is the running game. The Titans have said that they want to run the ball early and often this week to exploit the weak run defense of the Rams, if that is true then the last thing the Titans want is Robert Quinn in the backfield.

I think a win for Roos has to be three first-down runs behind him, and one or fewer sacks.

David Stewart

Where Roos is a prototypical left tackle, Stewart is just the opposite. Stewart's blend of pure anger, strength, and just the right amount of "dirty" make him what all NFL teams what at their right tackle position. If Stewart can pave the way for some nice runs without getting too exposed in the passing game, I think the Titans will be happy.

If Stewart allows one sack or less and is consistently effective as a run blocker I think the Titans call this a win.

In the end...the Titans OTs don't have to be superstars, they just have to do their jobs. If they can keep a clean pocket and move some guys in the running game against this front, it will go a long way towards convincing the coaching staff that these guys can still play.