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Week 13: Predictions From The Contributors

Week 13: Predictions From The Contributors

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Man I ate a lot yesterday. Like A. LOT. Our guest must have eaten a lot as well cause he no checky email.

So let's kick it off with our best record:

CanaDan (10-1)

The Colts aren’t very good but the Titans aren’t either. Munchak’s men looked better Sunday in Oakland but I still feel the Colts are the superior team and they’re at home. The defense will keep the Titans in the game for a while but in the end both the offense and defense won’t be good enough to steal victory in Indy.

Colts 30 - Titans 20

Tuna (9-2)

This a revenge game for the Titans. Does that mean anything to this team?

Titans 24 - Colts 17

Gunns (9-4)

Munchak and the Titans prove they have what it takes this week and steal one from Indy. They've lost by such an incredibly close margin in their last 3 games, they have to be due for a win. Gregg and Gray go crazy scheme to account for the lack of Griffin as the Colt's offensive line gives up a lot of pressure on Luck. No way they let Donald Brown run all over them again. The Titans have tape on 2 teams blowing out the Colts in the last three weeks. Time for the coaching staff to prove they belong. Titans win and win big

Titans 31 - Colts 17

G (8-3)

I am irrationally excited about the Leon Washington signing. Hopefully he'll change our speciaLOL teams to just regular old special teams.

Titans 24 - Colts 16

"X" (7-3)

The Titans have a big obstacle to scale, and one that may very well decide the season as well as the coaching staff next year. With Fitz riding a hot streak they have a good shot at it too. The hope is that the staff have learned from their mistakes the first time around when they dropped the ball in a big way. Do they accomplish this? I'm not sure. The defense will have to play smarter football and the offense needs to remain mistake free. The Titans linebackers will need to do a much better job getting to the running backs both on the ground and in the passing game. In the end I think it comes down to who can win the turnover battle and capitalize in the red zone, and I think the Titans finally get it done this time around.

Titans 24 - Colts 17

Sharona (5-2)

The 5-6 Tennessee Titans travel to Indianapolis to take on the 7-4 Colts coming off a 40-11 shellacking by the Arizona Cardinals. The Colts could be without both their starting cornerbacks as Greg Toler has missed the past 4 games with a groin injury. Also, their best wide receiver T.Y. Hilton didn't practice practice due to a shoulder injury. He is expected to play Sunday. The Titans lost a tough game to the Colts on Thursday Night Football and this is a must win game for them. The Colts have been exposed and the Titans must play tough disciplined football. No turning the ball over and absolutely no missed assignments or tackles. I do not want to see tight end Coby Fleener running past these linebackers untouched or uncovered. Play like you can play and the Titans can win this football game. The Titans are 0-5 at Lucas Oil Stadium. They get their first win Sunday.

Titans 28 - Colts 21

Greenlawesome (3-4)

Revenge is best served cold and so it's a good thing it's gonna be December on Sunday. Titans continue Indys free fall and somehow end up only a game out of 1st place.

Titans 30 - Colts 17

Urrbody picking the good guys except CanaDan. He used to have a perfect record you know.

You guys picked one right last week. The poll is 3-7.