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Tennessee Titans: Why?

Here's this weeks questions from the Titans-Raiders game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Why can't Kenny Britt catch the ball? - I'm not even mad that the Titans were using him in this game. They are basically in desperation mode and he has potential regardless of what anyone says. But there has to be some serious head issues for a wide receiver in his fifth year of the NFL to literally not be able to catch a ball during a game. I'm not even sure a change of scenery helps at this point.

Speaking of which, do the Titans lead the entire league in drops? - According to this site, they aren't that bad off. I'm not exactly sure how they get their information, or what qualifies as a drop, but they had the Titans with only 13 going into the Raiders game. I don't see how that could be accurate at all.

What about penalties? The Titans seem to do their best to shoot themselves in the foot as much as possible and keep the opposing team in the game. Before the Raiders game they sat dead in the middle of the leagues at 15th in penalties and 16th in penalty yards. They've since jumped to 10th and 7th respectively after a 10 penalty, 100 yard performance in Oakland. Titans have to clean it up.

What else was Michael Griffin supposed to do? - If you are unfamiliar with the play, check it out here. Griffin went as low as he possible could and never left his feet. His suspension has been upheld as well.

Why does Fitzpatrick insist on holding the ball out when he takes off running? - High and tight Fitzy, high and tight. You're giving me a heart attack.

Why have the special teams been such a disaster this year? - The Oakland game added to the list of foul ups for the third phase of football with a blocked kick and a muffed punt. This is as bad as the year of no returner under Jeff Fisher when Ryan Mouton was returning kicks. The Titans have brought in Leon Washington to help in the return game which is a solid move as Wylie doesn't seem comfortable.

That's it for this week. Got any answers? Any questions I missed?