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NFL playoff picture 2013: Fitzpatrick keeping the Titans alive

The Titans are not only alive in the AFC Playoff picture, they would be the #6 see if the season ended today.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hopes for the Titans season season seemed all but lost after they lost two very winnable games in 5 days, but their playoff hopes are very much still alive. In fact, as I said above, the Titans would be in if the season ended today.

Now that does not mean that they have this thing locked up. Their next 3 games are really tough. They could go anywhere from 2-1 to 0-3 in that stretch. They need 2-1 to stay where they are.

The Titans are, no doubt, a very flawed team. The good news is that so are the other 4 teams that are currently 5-6. More good news is that the Titans beat two of those 4 teams.

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