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Who the Tennessee Titans want to win Week 12

Who can help the Titans this week.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So, you know that the Titans won't be in the playoffs, but you don't know who to cheer for? Well this is a list of teams that the Titans want to win to help their draft position.

Tampa Bay (2-8)

One win won't help the Titans out much, but if the Bucs can keep their hot streak alive against the Detroit Lions then this team may stop thinking of themselves as the 0-8 Bucs and start realizing that they could actually show they are at least a mediocre team.

Green Bay (5-5)

This sounds weird considering they are going against a team that has a worse record than they do, but hear me out. The Titans don't want the Texans or Jaguars to be in the bottom three at the end of the year, but allowing either one of them to grab Teddy Bridgewater at #1 overall could be dangerous. The Titans want the Vikings to end up with the number one pick and keep TB out of the AFC.

San Diego (4-6)

The Titans want the Chargers to win more than almost any other team. The Titans and Chargers have the same record, but they own a head to head loss with Tennessee which could put them a hair above the Titans on draft day. Also, (in a much smaller respect) with the Chiefs and Broncos looking strong, the Titans will want all the potential 2014 wildcard teams weakened.

St. Louis (4-6)

The Rams face a decent battle against the 6-4 Chicago Bears, but injuries may actually work in their favor for a change. The Bears are without Jay Cutler and are ailing on defense, and the Rams may be able to sneak out an upset at home.

Miami (5-5)

A surprising 5-5 team, the Dolphins will need to keep playing above their talent level if they are going to attempt sneaking into the playoffs. If the 'Phins come up big at home vs the Panthers, then they will prove they are for real and worthy of the second wildcard spot in the AFC.

Baltimore (4-6)

Another team that is in the playoff hunt, the Ravens need to take care of business at home against the New York Jets. The Jets are in the lead for the second wildcard spot, and a head-to-head win with them would be invaluable for the Ravens.

Jacksonville (1-9)

This is a weird matchup. The Jags face the Texans in Houston, and both teams only combine for three wins this year. If Jacksonville can sneak out a win here, not only will they move out of the #1 overall pick but they will potentially be one of five 2-9 teams this week.

Arizona (6-4)

The Titans statistically want the Colts to win, but I can't force myself to write it down. The Titans lost a close one to the Colts last week and all fans want to see them lose, even the pragmatic ones like me.

New York (4-6)

The Giants are the opposite of the Titans right now. New York is surging late in the year, and they have a chance to take a huge step forward in their division with a win over the 5-5 Cowboys. Titans fans can cheer for the Giants because of their story, even though a win will help the Titans on draft day too. Win-win.

Washington (4-6)

How terrible would it be for Jeff Fisher to have two top-10 picks? With that in mind, keep an eye on the San Francisco/Washington game tonight. The Skins may be dynamic enough offensively to give the traveling 49ers some difficulties.

Doesn't matter:

Pittsburgh at Cleveland- Both teams are at 4-6, so by the end of this game the Titans will be even with or below one of these teams. The best case scenario is for Pittsburgh to win considering the Titans own a head-to-head win against the Steelers.

Denver at New England- Neither one of these teams can lose enough games for the Titans to pull ahead of them (realistically) so just cheer for the Broncos because come one wants to cheer for Brady and Belichick...especially after what they did to the Titans.