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Titans vs Raiders players to watch, offense

Who do the Titans need to step up if they are going to bounce back?

Frederick Breedon

Lets face it, since the break the Tennessee offense has not been the problem. Scoring over 27 points per game generally means a win if you play defense like the Titans did over the first six games. However, since it looks like 27 points is no longer enough to guarantee a win, then the Titans will need to turn up the offense and pull out all the stops.These players could be the key to that boost.

Justin Hunter

The Titans traded up for him in the 2013 NFL Draft, but have used him with kid gloves for the most part. Hunter isn't a rookie anymore and the Titans need him out there to be their only true deep threat. The kid has had some tough drops, but he has also made some crucial third down conversions and he looks like a more complete player now than he did at Tennessee.

If the Titans are truly going to let Fitz run his offense (uptempo 3 WR/1 RB, 1TE; usually all split out wide) then there is no way you can justify your three receivers being anyone other than Hunter and Nate Washington out wide and Kendall Wright in the slot.

Delanie Walker

For all the disappointment this team has suffered through, Delanie Walker has thrived. He plays with a mean streak and has a motor that is always running. Walker has been key over the middle of the field, and his redzone production has outmatched anyone on the team. He doesn't need to look to make superstar catches, just consistently show how reliable you are and the numbers will come.

Brian Schwenke

Random pick right? When Schwenke is in, the whole playbook looks expanded and the team his comfortable pulling him out on screens or allowing him to get to the second level. The most important aspect of the game is his familiarity with Chance Warmack; when Schwenke is in the game Warmack is seems more comfortable and doesn't miss as many assignments. If these two linemen can get clicking then we might just see the running game that we saw in St. Louis, this week.