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My crazy potential Tennessee Titans trade of the week

Another random trade rolling around in my head.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

With rumors around the league that the Bears could be considering a franchise tag and trade for Jay Cutler, I had a similar idea on what the Titans could do. I know Titans fans really want Tennessee to find a way to sign Alterraun Verner long-term, but if that is impossible then the Titans could consider a tag-and-trade with the Bears.

What the Bears receive:

-A franchise tagged Alterraun Verner (around $11 million)

What the Titans receive

-A franchised tagged Jay Cutler (around $16 million)

Why the Bears would do it:

The Bears need youth in the defense after seeing just what life could be like without Charles Tillman, Brian Urlacher, Henry Melton, and Lance Briggs. If Chicago isn't committed to Cutler long-term, it is hard to imagine them giving him the money he wants. The Bears could probably make a play for ATV in free agency, but he would likely want to go to somewhere warmer in need of CBs like San Diego.

Why the Titans would do it:

You may have doubts about Jay Cutler's ability to stay healthy for a full season, but when he is in he puts you in a position to win every week. Cutler's deep passing ability combined with his accuracy make him the ideal quarterback to dump the ball over the middle to Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker, and then pull the trigger on a deep ball to Justin Hunter or Nate Washington. The Titans have adequate backups for Alterraun Verner in Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Coty Sensabaugh, but they don't have what they need at QB.

Why it probably won't happen:

The Bears will be looking for additional compensation for their star QB, and will likely as for a draft pick. If the Titans can't convince them to take the trade straight-up then talks will likely fall through despite the benefit for both teams.