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Titans vs. Raiders: 5 Questions with Silver and Black Pride

Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride was nice enough to answer 5 questions for us about his Oakland Raiders.

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Is Matt McGloin the answer? What about Tyler Wilson? I really liked him in college.

Way too early to say McGloin is the answer. And Wilson? He was just brought up from the practice squad. McGloin had a great game and surprised a lot of people – although probably not himself. He looks every bit a hell of a find by the Raiders and has the right attitude and drive to be the guy but getting at least another game or two under his belt is needed before we can get an idea of whether he is the future. For now, it’s a good start.

When do you expect Darren McFadden to return?

Does it matter? Raiders are better when he’s in sweats on game day. But to answer your question, he is expected back within a couple weeks. He is ruled out for this game and I wouldn’t expect him to play in the short week when the Raiders play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of University of Tennessee fans on our site. Talk about how Denarius Moore and Mychal Rivera have been playing this season.

Denarius Moore started out the season on a tear and showed great ball security in the process. He has gone back to dropping passes over the past few games but is still the Raiders top receiver. He injured his shoulder last week and is expected to miss at least the next couple games. He was on pace for a 1000 yard season but that seems unlikely now. Rivera has shown flashes and has played in the two games the Raiders had a pocket passer in there. He caught a gorgeous, over the shoulder touchdown catch from McGloin last week that shows the kind talent he possesses. He also had a season best 5 catches. I expect to see more of that as long as McGloin is in the game.

The Raiders have a lot of familiar names on offense. Tell me about the defense. Who are a couple of guys we should be watching?

Lamarr Houston is the best player on the defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick will undoubtedly be keeping him in the corner of his eye at all times. Lest we forget about Charles Woodson either. He has been a turnover machine this year. He forced two key fumbles last week. The first set up the Raiders’ first touchdown and the second stopped them from scoring the would-be game winner. He’s still playing at an extremely high level for the Raiders.

Write the headline in Sunday's Tennessean.

Titans rally falls short in Oakland

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