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Week 12: Predictions From The Contributors and SoMissTitansFan

Week 12: Predictions From The Contributors

Ready to answer the CAMP BELL (Genius Bonzos!)
Ready to answer the CAMP BELL (Genius Bonzos!)
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12. Our guest checked his email this week. Props! He will crank us up for our trip to the Black Hole:

SoMissTitansFan (5-4)

I don't even know about our Titans anymore. The Raiders are pretty good in a few places where we're really bad, which isn't a good sign. They have an excellent run game, bolstered of late by the wildcat, and our front seven refuses to stop the run. They have a bunch of speedsters at WR and a quick route throwing QB, which is terrible news for our Titans as the slants and the middle are always open against our suddenly not good LB's.

This game will boil down to two things in my opinion. 1. Our defense has to do better stopping the run. And, 2. Loggains has to call that Colts first quarter game plan again and he has to stick with it. If we get off to a blazing start again just to go into ice-the-game mode in the second quarter, I'm going to pop an artery. I don't really foresee either of those two things happening. Throw in the long trip west and a guaranteed Special Teams gaffe at a critical moment, and we arrive at my prediction-

Raiders 28 - Titans 17

CanaDan (9-1)

I can’t get a good read on this Raiders team and it’s even harder now with Matt McGloin getting only his second start of the season. He was great last week but it was also against Houston - a team that’s falling apart. For reasons I’m not completely sure of, I’m picking the Titans on this one. Maybe this season has driven me crazy.

Titans 24 - Raiders 19

Tuna (8-2)

Black hole sun, won't you come? And wash away the rain. Black hole sun, won't you come? Won't you come?

Titans 24 - Raiders 13

GG (7-3)

Which do I hate more: special teams mistakes or "YOUR NOT A REAL FAN"

It's hard to decide. I can't take much more of either though.

Titans 23 - Raiders 17

X (6-3)

The Raiders have shown an ability to run the ball the way the Titans wish they were able to, and I think this plays a big part in this one. McGloin scorched the Texans and look excellent doing it, and while I don't think he'll replicate that degree of success, I think he'll make some plays to get the Raiders on the board. If Loggains comes out like he did against the Colts with the spread-out up-tempo attack while working some more intermediate routes into the gameplan early, I think the Titans offense will put up scores as well. The defensive play-calling HAS to be better this week, or Titans nation will be having deja-vu. I think both teams go blow for blow, with the Titans squeezing the win with a late field goal.

Titans 19 - Raiders 16

Lomas (5-1)

After losing two close games that they should have won, I have no confidence in the Titans. On the road against a quarterback that just beat the Texans, I think the Titans come out firing but lose the lead late in the game. When the score is 28-17 Fitzpatrick will make a last minute drive ending in a Delanie Walker TD. With the game on the line Rob Bironas will line up the ball (on a tee this time) but the Raiders will get the onside kick .

Raiders 28 - Titans 24

4 for the good guys, 2 for the other guys

Poll missed by a little last week. 2-7 on the season.

go titans