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Tennessee Titans News Links: Dwindling Resistance

Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans can't seem to stop opponents from scoring touchdowns after their in the red zone.

Kenny Britt is frustrated but he's not going to show it he says.

Matt McGloin will get the start against the Titans. Lord have mercy on us all if he starts to torch us.

In case you forgot (I did) Charles Woodson plays for the Raiders and says we have guys on offense that can take the football the distance.

November 20th presser from Coach Munchak

Fun fact: Matt McGloin and Munchak share the same hometown. Also the same college. Also both are Hall of Famers.

Nate Washington has been a fantastic leader on offense, but he needs help leading the offense.

Our own Noles has a pre-draft post on Clowney and his ability and prowess as the nations best collegiate defensive end.

Quote of the Day: "Courage is to never have your actions influenced by your fears." -Arthur Koestler