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Titans vs. Raiders: Oakland is no cupcake

Here are a few things I noticed watching the coaches film of the Raiders offense against the Houston Texans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This game was one we all circled as a win when the schedule came out. The Titans were supposed to be good and the Raiders were supposed to be terrible. That is not exactly how it has played out as both teams enter the game at 4-6,

I just finished watching the coaches film of the Raiders offense against the Texans last week, and I will say this, the Titans defense better be ready to play on Sunday. Matt McGloin might be an undrafted free agent, but that dude can play. He has excellent poise in the pocket and a really good arm. He made a couple of throws across the field that really jumped out at me as I watched the film.

Most of their passing game in this one was based on quick throws- not unlike what the Titans did with Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Colts. The Raiders spread the field and McGloin didn't give the pass rush much time to get to him on most throws.

Hopefully the Titans' defensive coaches will see this and move the corners up on the line to take some of the timing stuff away. We have seen an alarming trend the last couple of weeks of the Titans corners playing off the ball allowing stuff to get completed underneath. If they do that on Sunday, McGloin will dink and dunk them down the field.

They might eventually force him into a mistake, but he didn't look to have the propensity to make that big mistake against the Texans.

The Raiders also run the wildcat like it is 2008. Rashad Jennings had an 80-yard touchdown out of the wildcat. The play should have been stopped for a modest gain, but D.J. Swearinger doesn't know how to tackle:


Most of the plays they ran out of the wildcat were just direct snap runs, but they did throw in a little bit of trickeration a couple of times. The Titans defense will need to show good discipline on those plays because all it takes is one guy being out of place for a play to go 80.

The Titans will have their hands full in this one- especially having to play in Oakland. Hopefully Mike Munchak will have his team ready to play....ha! That was a good one.

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