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Will the Finnegan reuinion be a happy one for Titans?

Finnegan matches up with the Titans for the first time. What should Titans expect from him?

Mike Ehrmann

Five years, $50 million. That is what Cortland Finnegan left the Titans for at the end of the 2011 season, and at the time it looked like a reasonable deal. In retrospect, that is probably 48 million too much find out just how bad Finnegan has been this year for the Rams.

Catches allowed

According to the fine folks at, opposing quarterbacks have thrown at Finnegan an average of five times per game. Of those throws Finnegan is allowing an completions 85% of the time, and he has allowed touchdowns of three of five games.


Of the five games that Finnegan has played this year, he has allowed a touchdown in three of them. Out of every CB in football (even those that have played eight games) only six players have allowed more than that. That puts Finnegan in the bottom 25% of all corners in the league.


He has zero. Not a bunch of interesting commentary is as bad as it gets.

Run defense

He is literally the worst run defending corner in the league still according to PFF. That isn't opinion, it is just fact. Out of 109 qualifying CBs, Finnegan is 109. If the Titans want to run a screen or some sort of toss sweep, I can't imagine that the Titans would be scared of going to Finny's side.

Eye test

When you watch Finnegan, he doesn't seem awful but not once this season have I watched him and had a positive thought. His overagressive nature is still getting him in trouble, and he just isn't making the impact plays he was early in his career.


Finnegan was a great corner for Tennessee, but it looks like his career is dwindling at this point. If the Titans want to go through the air, don't be surprised if they attack Finnegan all day along. He and Justin Hunter could have a fun day where Jake Locker throws high passes to Hunter and Finnegan can only watch and tug on jersey as Hunter goes up to get the ball.