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Titans vs Rams: Offensive players to watch

Which offensive players are poised to have a big day against the Rams.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans offense has done a decent job of moving the ball down the field, but they haven't been able to punch it in the endzone. I think that changes this week, and it is primarily because of these three players.

Brian Schwenke

Schwenke's performance has drawn mixed results from viewers, but to open up the lanes he did against an extremely talented 49ers defense was very impressive to me. I think the Titans will have a lot more designed screens this week with Andy Levitre and Brian Schwenke pulling to the outside and if you can get Schwenke in space he can impress you.

Shonn Greene

Greene being active last week was a little bit of a joke. Playing two snaps is far from what the Titans expected from Greene, and they have said this week that they want him to get 15 carries per game. If they up his number that much, then hopefully the Titans coaches will see that maybe Chris Johnson isn't the every-down player that he was three years ago.

Greene is a factor in the run and the pass, and a 50-75 yard game from him would be a huge shot in the arm for this offense.

Kendall Wright

Wright isn't going to be a great blocker, but he can definitely take defenders out of the play on running downs. If Jake Locker can give the Rams a healthy dose of short passes over the middle, then the Rams will have to take guys out of the box to cover Wright.

Also, Wright has been one of the most consistent receivers on the team in terms of catching the ball no matter where it is thrown. If the Titans get bogged down on the goalline, a bootleg pass with Wright coming parallel with Locker could be a "pick-your-poison" type situation.

Those are my three players to watch on offense, especially in the redzone. I expect the Titans to score a healthy amount of points in this game, and to do so they will need all of these guys to be in sync.