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NFL playoff picture 2013: The Titans are only one game out

Had the Tennessee Titans taken care of business they could be sitting in the 6 spot for the AFC playoffs. Of course they didn't, so they aren't.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 played out exactly like the Titans needed it to, well you know, minus the fact that the Titans blew a big lead against the Colts on Thursday night. If the season ended today, the 5-5 New York Jets would be the 6 seed in the AFC playoffs.

The Miami Dolphins are also 5-5, but the Jets hold a tiebreaker with them. The Titans would be right there at 5-5 had they been able to beat the terrible Jaguars or hold the lead against Indy.

The good news is that there is still plenty of hope for this team. The Jets aren't good, and neither is the crop of 4-6 teams that includes the Titans as well as the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Raiders and Chargers.

While I don't expect the Titans to finish any better than 8-8, as it stands right now they are still very much in the mix.

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