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Tennessee Titans: What's there to say?

The combination of the Titans last two losses have me at a loss for words. Kinda.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know what to say.

As a fan I continue to have an internal dialogue of tying to find the good only to be answered by harsh reality. As a writer I'm at a loss for how to look at the situation.

There's been a little bit of time for the shock of Thursday night's game to wear off for the Titans fans that were still holding out hope. Maybe they held on too long, but that's what fans do.

Many fans had thrown in the towel a week before when Mike Munchak had his perennial loss to the dredges of the league which coincidentally just happen to reside within the division.

Last week the fan base was disgruntled because of the teams perpetual mediocrity. Sitting at 4-6 with 3 division losses, mediocrity sounds pretty good right now.

So now where do the fans turn that were waiting to see if this team could really be different than the past couple of years?

Surely there are none left that are still clinging to perilous cliffs of possibility, like that speck of algae with its tenuous grip on a smooth rock ebbing, flowing, and wafting in the tide. Surely there are none left that can justify the losses the franchise has put its dwindling faithful through year after year.

You can try.

You can say that any team that loses its starting quarterback won't fair well. But the truth is that this teams backup outplayed the Colt's starter in Thursday night's loss.

You can say that the last two losses were flukes of turnovers, four against the Jaguars starting with an unusual fumble by the normally sure handed Chris Johnson. Not to mention the fumble on the kick return by newly signed return man Devon Wylie that sparked the Colts to a 14 point run in the third quarter of Thursday's game. But realize that's what the Steelers, Chargers, and Jets were all saying about the Titans in the first quarter of the season.

You can say this team has progressed, and that it's playing teams closer and better than last year. While true, all that really counts in the end is the record, and the Titans are sitting at the exact same spot as last year at 4-6. The losses may be less magnificent, but they're still there.

I know that you can say these things, because my heart has tried to do the same.

Every attempt at pointing to a positive leaves the mind in a tailspin of rebuttals. Frustration is mounting and the reserve of the faithful is dwindling rapidly. Frustration is one thing, apathy is another. When the fan base turns towards the latter, that's when the franchise has real problems.

Technically the Titans have a chance if they go on a miracle-like run and win the remaining games on their schedule. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. And even those that would normally hope for such a feat may not even bother right now.