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Who the Tennessee Titans want to win Week 11 pt. 2

A look back at the results of this weeks important matchups.


All records are the records going in to Week 11.

Houston Texans 2-7

What I said: "The Texans play the Raiders this weekend in a winable game. If the Texans can get a win against the Raiders it will put both teams at three wins. The Titans still have to play both of these teams, and their tiebreaker could matter in the end."

What happened: The Texans had more than their fare share of chances, but in the end collapsed under the guidance of Matt Schaub. The Texans move to 2-8, and their bad play should really start to worry the Titans and the AFC South. Pairing that team with an elite prospect like Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota, or Jadeveon Clowney would make them a wrecking ball.

New York Giants 3-6

What I said: "The Giants play the Packers in what looked like a sure-fire loss a few weeks ago. However, the Giants are getting hot and the Packers are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find quarterbacks right now. If the Giants can get this win, then they will have the same record as the Titans with a much easier schedule."

What happened: They Giants played like a team possessed and showed a defense reminiscent of one of their Super Bowl teams. This win puts them in serious contention for the lead in the NFC East. A freshly motivated Giants team could move from a team potentially drafting top-10, to a team above the 21-and above range.

Pittsburgh Steelers 3-6

What I said: "The Steelers will have a tough task against a talented Detroit Lions team who is playing well. If the Steelers could pull off the upset it would pull them even with the Titans in total, but a tiebreaker would still put the Titans below them."

What happened: Again the team the Titans needed to win overcame an obstacle. The Steelers managed to beat the Lions in a tough game, and seem to be hitting a stride. If Pittsburgh can keep this up they could be a dark horse for the WC2 playoff spot.

Washington Redskins 3-6

What I said: "The Redskins started off the season slow, but after winning two of their last four, it seems like things are starting to click. Washington plays against a tough Eagles team this week, but divisional games are always tough outs and the Skins may sneak one out on the road."

What happened: Despite a late rally, the Redskins did not manage the upset. Washington was one deep pass away from being 4-6, but instead they move to 3-7 which is a full game behind the New York Giants.

Buffalo Bills 3-7

What I said: "The Bills play the New York Jets this week, and there are a few reasons why this could be a big weekend in Buffalo. The Bills have an excellent pass rush now, and the one thing that has made this Jets team look very pedestrian is Geno Smith's play under pressure. Getting to the quarterback shouldn't be hard in this game, and once Smith is sacked a few times he will start getting careless with the ball. Also, the Bills are getting healthy all over and that should mean a much different team than we have seen the last few weeks."

What happened: Another win for the Titans (the last one of the day). The Bills absolutely demolished the Jets, and it doesn't look like they will end the year with a top-10 pick if they can stay healthy.

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-8

What I said: "Ok Jacksonville, you ruined our season now go ruin yours. Nothing should make Titans fans happier than if the Jags go on a late season streak. With no shot at the playoffs, every win pushes the Jags toward another terrible season next year and farther away from a franchise QB."

What happened: Well, they tried to fail as hard as they could, but it wasn't enough. The Jags ended up losing this game despite holding a lead for much of the first half.

Minnesota Vikings 2-7

What I said: "So, the Vikings could win a game vs the Seahawks at home right....right? Well, probably not, but statistically it is what the Titans should be looking for."

What happened: It was a long-shot going into the game, but after the first quarter it really wasn't close. In the end the Titans may want the Vikings at two wins because they may be the team with the best chance to snatch the #1 pick from the Jags.

Draft Notes

-Only seven teams have a worse win-loss percentage than the Titans.

-The Titans are one of seven teams with four wins.

-Only two of the Titans final six opponents have a worse record than the Titans, and both of those teams have already beaten the Titans (Houston/Jacksonville)