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Tennessee Titans: Recapping my players to watch

Recapping my players to watch against the Indianapolis Colts.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday I posted players to watch in the Titans game against the Colts, so how did they do?


Delanie Walker

Walker had a monster performance against the Colts, he picked up 10 receptions for 91 yards, and a touchdown. Walker was a great asset to the Tennessee team, and it looks like he could be a focal point for the Titans in the future.

Kendall Wright

Wright is another guy that helped the Titans stay competitive for most of the game. Wright is still on pace for a 1,000 yard year, and he is picking up steam as the season goes on. Wright finished the night with nine receptions for 80 yards, though he was held without a touchdown.

Michael Roos

Roos had a very good night, especially considering Robert Mathis ended the day with a big 0 in the sack column. Another positive was that early in the game the Titans had success running behind Roos and Levitre on the left side. If the Titans want to keep this line in tact long term, then they need to be convinced that an aging Roos can still help in the running game and isn't just limited to pass protection.


Jurrell Casey/Ropati Pitoitua

Not a great night for the defensive line in general, whether you are talking run defense or pass defense. Derrick Morgan recorded the loan sack of the day, and they let the Donald Brown eat them up all day long. Casey's lack of pressure when the Titans needed it most this week is a big reason why the Titans lost this game, especially once the defense started getting conservative on blitzes.

Alterraun Verner

Though not his normal disruptive self, Verner did play a good game. Verner and the rest of the defensive backs held Andrew Luck without a passing touchdown, which is a great accomplishment. While I would have liked to see Verner create a turnover, he did his part and helped keep all wide receivers under 50 yards.