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Tennessee Titans Week 11 stock up, stock down

Who stock is trending up, and who should be in the dog house.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There aren't a lot of positives you can take from a 1-5 streak like the Titans are on but there are always some people improving despite the win-loss record.

Stock up: Ryan Fitzpatrick

There were a lot of reasons that the Titans lost on Thursday night, but Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't one of them. The turnover-prone QB had a 78.6% completion rate, and understood that he needed to utilize the Titans best players (Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker) if he wanted to put the Titans in position to win the game. If Fitzpatrick keeps playing like this, the Titans could sneak out four more wins and put this team in exactly the kind of position it doesn't want to be in, no-man's land.

Stock up: Delanie Walker

Big talker, big Walker (pun half-intended). Delanie Walker had some choice words for the Titans locker room after their loss against the Jaguars in Week 10, but his play on the field gives him the right to try to rally his teammates. In a short time, Delanie Walker has usurped Nate Washington as the reliable receiver in this offense, and he has a bright future ahead of him in two toned blue.

Stock down: Defensive and Special Teams coaching

A mere five weeks ago, it looked like Titans were going to have one of the best coached defenses in the league. Now, after playing so many obvious zone looks and failing to get to the quarterback, the Titans will be lucky to be in the upper half by the end of the year.

As for special teams, it should be unacceptable to let a return man take the ball out of the endzone anymore. More than any other individual thing, return miscues are killing the Titans. After three different return men making mistakes, the responsibility has to fall on the special teams coach.

Stock down: Zach Brown

Call it a return to the mean, call it a sophomore slump, call it whatever you want but Zach Brown's play the last six games compared to the previous six games is a huge let down. With his speed and aggression, there is no reason that he shouldn't have at least one impact tackle per game.