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NFL week 11 open game thread

Here is your place to discuss all of the week 11 action from around the NFL.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a rough week to be a Titans' fan. Hopefully today we can just all sit back and enjoy NFL football and hope for a miracle late-season run. I know, good luck with that.

Here is today's viewing map. We get the full compliment of games today with the Titans not playing. I am very intrigued by the late game between the 49ers and Saints. The Saints are almost unbeatable at home. The 49ers haven't been playing well of late and are in danger of falling out of the NFC West race. That one will be fun to watch.

The biggest game of the day comes tonight between the Broncos and Chiefs. Are the Chiefs for real? We will get at least part of that answer tonight.

Discuss the games here.

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