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Hear me out Titans fans...potential trade idea

A crazy trade that will never happen, but it should.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

All this down time and the depressing play of the Titans has me thinking about the future. As much as I have been a proponent of signing Jay Cutler this offseason, there might be another way to upgrade at QB.

The Titans have a lot of talent on their roster, combined with a QB that can't stay healthy. How can they remedy that?

Titans get:

-Ben Roethlisberger

-Steelers 2nd and 3rd round pick

Steelers get:

-Jake Locker

-Titans 1st round pick.

Why it should happen:

The Titans have the talent on the roster to make a run to the playoffs, but bad coaching and injuries are going to keep them out of the hunt this year. If the rumors are true, then the Steelers would be open to trading Big Ben if they could get another solid option at quarterback. Jake Locker is a very good QB when healthy, and this gives them the option of building around a young QB and going into a full-on rebuilding year next year.

On the other hand, the Titans need a QB that can get the most out of all their offensive weapons. Big Ben could turn Justin Hunter into Mike Wallace, Delanie Waker into Heath Miller, and Nate Washington into....well Nate Washington. They would be giving up on a young QB with a lot of potential, but maybe that is what the new owner (and likely head coach) will want.

In the trade they give up a first round pick, but they do get a low-second round pick and get to recoup a third round pick. The Titans don't need a huge impact player (so the first rounder is expendable) but they do need a new MLB, RT, and RB all of which have relatively low positional value in the draft (meaning they need more 2nd-4th round picks).

Why this won't happen:

The Titans don't make blockbuster trades. The Titans have always been a conservative organization and unless the new owner is radically different from the last one, I don't expect that to change. Also, a new head coach will probably want to draft his own guy instead of hitching his wagon to someone else's product.