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Teammates of the week: Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker

There was a lot of bad last night, but Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker were both really good for the Titans last night.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 22 passes last night.  19 of them went to the combination of Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker.  We can talk about how ridiculous it is that no one else was targeted, but that is not the purpose of this post.  Wright and Walker were really, really good last night.

It is sad that they have so much talent on the offensive side of the ball, but they cannot make that translate into wins.  But again, this post is to talk about something good.

Walker spoke out last week about some problems in the locker room.  He put his money where his mouth was in this one.  You have to respect that.

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